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SOLARGREEN GROUP LIMITED Exhibited 5 Ton 48V DC Solar air conditioner on Dubai Solar Show

Time:2017-10-23 Views:7120
In 23rd,Oct,2017, SOLARGREEN GROUP LIMITED cooperating with Off Grid Solar Energy Systems,their strategic local partner in Dubai , exhibited their lastest technology for solar air conditioner in Dubai Solar Show(Part of WETEX 2017).
Supergreen Tech Co., Ltd is one of most professional manufacturer for solar air conditioners ,especially for DC 12C/24V/48V they have full range models :Wall mounted type DC48V solar air conditioner, Window type DC12V/24V/48V solar air conditioner ,Portable type 48C DC air conditioner ,Floor stand type 48V DC solar air conditioner,even Ducted type DC 48V solar air conditioner.
One of the big sample product ,5 Ton 60000BTU 48V DC solar air conditioner is most attractive, power consumption in one hours less than 3kw , same capacity traditional air conditioner will need more than 6kw power consumption.
then its more than half energy saving itself
Sametime its compressor is DC48V ,which is the only one machine in the world .it is special design by Off Grid solar energy system company in Dubai which updated on Solargreen existing technology .so no need any power inverter it can be driven directly by solar power.
and they have plan to launch 10 ton bigger 48V DC 100% off grid solar air conditioner  units for Villas and hotels in soon.