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Solar Mosquito killer light

Solar inverter type LED Mosquito killer /Pest control Lamp

Solar mosquito killer/ Pest Control lamp
with 30W solar panel ,10ah battery
  • Intelligent Inverter LED Solar Pest control Lamp, use solar panel to convert solar power to electricity in daytime, and in evening, Lamp light up automatically to attract pests to 5000V instantaneous voltage electricity grid, then kill pests and mosquitos and protect crops and people‘s health.

    ---Application: Agriculture, Orchards,Forestry, Park,Garden,Warehouse, Greening, Aquaculture, etc.

    ---High Efficiency for pests control: Pests killing rate over 98% in efficient area, useful for more than 2000 kinds of pests. The proportion of beneficial insects and pests is 1:97.6.

    ---On-demand customized light source: targeted trapping pests; 

    ---Long Service life: LED with 50000hours service life.

    ---Patented inverter flicker technology: more energy saving, better efficiency for pests control.

    ---Built in Lithium battery: environment friendly, easier installation and maintenance

    ---Intelligence: automatic switch by light and rain; with self-diagnostic and maintenance function ,Preventing machine burning out.

    Which is workable for 15000to 33000 square meters land per lamp.

    Model VFSN05H-30W without pole VF-AC06H-5W VF-DC06H-5W
    Product name  solar insect killing lamp(DC) pest killing lamp only(AC )  pest killing lamp only( DC) 
    Power source/ application Solar ,used for outdoor Electrical, used with plug Solar,with built in lithium battery
    Power   inverter 3w^8w 5w inverter 3w^8w
    Solar panel 1 pc 30W , polycrystalline silicon / /
    Voltage 12V  220V/110V 12V 
    Lamp  3W imported LED/50000 hours service life 3W imported LED/50000 hours service life 3W imported LED/50000 hours service life
    Light source  peak wave length 320-680nm  peak wave length 320-680nm  peak wave length 320-680nm
    Battery self protected lithium battery,1 pc 12V/6AH    / self protected lithium battery,1 pc 12V/6AH   
    Rain detection / Rain control Yes Yes Yes
    Light detection / Light control Yes Yes Yes
    Controller Integrated  12V,3ah Integrated  12V,3ah Integrated  12V,3ah
    Battery box integrated ,no need / integrated ,no need
    pole suggested 2.8m / /
    Design controll area 30000-40000㎡ 30000-40000㎡ 30000-40000㎡
    Best control area 15000-20000㎡ 15000-20000㎡ 15000-20000㎡
    Best control(number of types) More than 2000 kinds More than 2000 kinds More than 2000 kinds
    Pest control efficiency (within pest control area) 98% 98% 98%
    Proportion of beneficial insects to pests eradicated 1:97.6% 1:97.6% 1:97.6%
    MOQ 10set 10pc 10pc
    20GP   120pcs 195pcs 195pcs

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